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Member of the Month {December}

Dr. Lorena Lee

1. Tell us how you started surfing. How old were you and what got you into it? 

The first time I ever surfed was in Kauai on vacation 10 years ago with my younger brother and sister. My mom’s cousin, Aunt Liz, lives on the north shore and her friend taught us.  

How I really got into surfing in SD was from my partner, Giordano.  He bought me my first wetsuit while we were dating. 6 years later and we’re still together.  I knew he was a keeper when he got me that wetsuit and agreed I should join SDSL!


2.Do you have any pre-surf rituals to get you ready and present?

Right now, since it’s winter, my pre-surf ritual is blasting the heat in my car while wearing tons of layers as I try to work up a sweat before getting into the water.  Otherwise, my pre-surf ritual is a short flow of Foundation Training. I can’t wait to share it with you surf amigas! They are postures to help decompress the spine and activating surf muscles!


3. What is your opinion on sexism in the water? Does it exist for you? Have you had any challenges along the way related to this?

I actually don’t have a hard time with sexism in the water.  I’ve had so many session with my surf amigas where guys are actually cheering us on.  Maybe it’s just me but I see myself as an equal.

I’ve actually had problems with other women in the water, which I'm still shocked about (a fellow SDSL was with me when it happened! *wink wink you know who you are*). I’ve always been a tomboy playing hockey, training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai with other guys so it’s no big deal to me. If anything, I put more pressure on myself to stand stronger. It’s still an inner challenge that I’m always working on, which is my inner dialog. (The don’t eff it up...don’t eff it up..paddle harder.. no over the falls.. dialog)


4. What about SDSL do you enjoy the most?

Amigas!! I love meeting new friends. I’ve met some incredible women in this group - surfing with you, happy hours, dinners, traveling… a lot of adventures. 


5. For those of you who are not aware, Lorena is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Tell us more about your practice. What drew you to this profession?

After working on Wall Street for over 10 years, I decided to follow my passion: to take care of others.  My patients are all referred by a friend or by other patients. It’s important to me that I take care of everyone as if they’re an extension of my own family.

I moved to San Diego because of sports medicine - I was an apprentice for my mentor who writes our sports medicine textbooks and for an amazing opportunity to work alongside with the athletic coaches at the UCSD RIMAC center on the athletes.

I specialize in pain management, sports injuries and performance, stress relief, cosmetic facial acupuncture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and women’s health for all ages - from adolescents, fertility, menopause and postmenopause. Women’s health and hormones play a huge role in movement dysfunction such as back pain, ligament and tendon issues.  

Besides sticking “cat whiskers” into patient for pain relief, I also use the following:

-cupping (I have heart-shaped ones too),

-gua sha (technique to release your fascia and muscle tension),

-aromatherapy with essential oils for relaxation,

-active stretches,

-medical massage,

-Foundation Training

My passion is helping people to feel AMAZING, inside and out.  

My practice is conveniently located on Balboa Avenue in Clairemont, which is off the Balboa Ave exits off the 5 and 805 freeways and near the 52.  Want me to take care of you? Come on in! I’ll try my best to teach you tips and tricks about your body and make acupuncture a more pleasant experience for you.



6. Tell us about your most memorable surf trip. What made it so special?

One of my most memorable surf trips was on my first Baja Weekender… team ‘no leftovers’.  Is that enough said? I mean we ate through our entire trip and I think Manny had to pull over to get us more burritos. I remember everyone was introducing themselves in the car and I couldn’t believe how badass these chicks were!

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