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Patty Kabick

1. Tell us how you started surfing. How old were you and what got you into it? 

I started surfing when I was 14 years old. My family had moved to Puerto Rico when I was just 4 years old, and we lived right on the beach. My dad always took us to the beach, so I grew up loving the water and playing in the surf! <3 The memory I have of first loving to ride waves was using a Clorox bottle! Yes, you heard correctly! Back in those days we didn't have much money and we were 7 brothers and sisters. My mom would rinse out empty Clorox bottles and put the cap back on...voila...a handy dandy floaty thing to use at the beach. By age 13 / 14 I knew I needed more than a Clorox bottle LOL and that's when I got my first surfboard. I don't remember what kind of board I had at the time, but it was beautiful :) I'd surf every day after school, and on weekends from sun-up to sun-down. I'd often wear sneakers to surf because sea urchins were a huge concern and there were no such things as leashes! I think to this day I grab my board with all my might if I wipe out or when paddling out because of this. Another piece of my surfing history was that, as you can probably imagine, there were not a whole lot of girls surfing then. In fact, I was the only one any time or any where I went out. So I grew up surfing like one of the boys. In fact, besides one very good girl friend...who did not surf but always came to the beach with me...all my friends were surfer boys. Now I'm 60 years old and still love surfing as much as I did when I was that little girl with her very own Clorox bottle in Puerto Rico. <3


2. What soundtrack is playing in your head while you’re surfing? Why? 

I love "I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow. Why? It's one of the happiest songs ever ever ever! 


3. What is it like surfing with your daughter? Did you teach her?

Surfing with my daughter is amazing! I also have another daughter who comes out surfing when she visits. I LOVE when I see them catch a wave and ride it all the way in! Talk about the full-on stoke factor! 

 I can't say I really "taught" them how to surf though. I'd take them with me when they were in middle school & high school (we lived in Miami, FL at the time), and after about spending 10 minutes "helping" them catch waves, I would be like, "Oh, here comes a good one. See you later!" And off I'd go. They'd get so mad at me. HAHA!

Did you find that it enhanced your relationship?

Definitely surfing together brings a beautiful aspect of spending time together. Just being out there together, especially on a super good day, and then talking about how fun it was as we walk back home... those are such good times <3

4. What about SDSL do you enjoy the most?

When I first moved back to San Diego in June 2017, I came across the SDSL group. I was SO thrilled! I couldn't believe there was this whole group of ladies with the one thing in common (surfing) which is the one thing that I love most doing. I've made wonderful friends because of the group, and that is most definitely what I enjoy most about it.


5. What is life like for you on dry land? What do you enjoy doing when your gills have dried?

I own my own virtual business, so I work a lot! I put together an office inside of my garage, and that's where I spend most of my time. I wish I had more time to enjoy other things that I love doing, such as gardening, sewing (another future business for me one of these days), refurbishing old furniture, and getting to know all the wineries around here :)

*Editor's note: Patty is being modest.. check out her website HERE


6. Tell us about your gnarliest wipe out and what you learned from it.

My gnarliest wipeout was at Sunset Cliffs back in early 1980s. My best friend then (and now too -- we've reconnected since I've moved back to San Diego!) went out at the Cliffs on a HUGE day. We both were in good physical shape, strong swimmers, and good surfers. We thought we could handle it. Well, let me tell you... we both made it to the outside (or so we thought). A set started showing up. We both started to paddle to hopefully make it over the set. Christine made it, and I did not make it over. I got nailed. That wave had to have been triple overhead. I was held under, tumbling, for what seemed like forever. And then came the second wave in the set, and the third, and so on. I somehow swam back in. My board was long gone. I did find it but it wasn't in one piece anymore. And that was my gnarliest wipeout. What I learned: I do not belong in anything over 4' HAHAHA!

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