SDSL Sport

SDSL Sport is a monthly surf session designed to help you improve your surfing skills with even just a few slight modifications.  Each month we focus on a different technique to help you catch more waves, do more tricks and perform better. We'll start with a short warm up and review tips and tricks to work on that day.  Some sessions we'll have a coach observing you from the beach, then paddling out to review coach you out in the water.  Goals of SDSL Sport are:
  • Empower surfing confidence
  • Improve surfing skills
  • Increase personal fitness including endurance, strength and flexibility
  • Provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment to excel

How to Get the Most out of your Coaching Session
written from the perspective of Kim Holinger

1.     Have an open mind

Come to your session with an open mind. You may have always done things a certain way and that may have worked for you, but if the coach offers a suggestion that differs from what you have done, be open and receptive. Sometimes a little "tweak" can really take your surfing to the next level. Even if it is something you don't consider relative, give it a try just for the session.

2.   Have Trust

Your surfing coach comes with vast experience and many of the coaches have competed professionally.  They have the knowledge and intent to help you learn new techniques and improve your current skill level. They will not intentionally put you in a situation or wave that you cannot handle.

3.  Ego and Emotions are best left at home

We all love surfing or we wouldn't be here, and due to this passion we can become overly sensitive or defensive if someone recommends we do something different. Let's all remember that surfing does not define who we are as women; it is merely a wonderful facet to who we are. When a coach provides a suggestion, an example such as "move up on your board an inch, it does not mean you are a bad surfer or a bad person- it merely means "move up on your board an inch".

4.  Think of one thing that you most want to improve upon

If there is a large turnout for Sport, the coach will not be able to help you learn 12 new things, but can certainly help with at least one thing, and that might be all that is needed to help you improve substantially.

5. Show Respect/Appreciation

As stated above, the coaches are here because they want to be. Let's honor their time and hard work by respecting the knowledge they share and let them know we appreciate their time. (Since SDSL is a non-profit organization, our funds are limited and the coaches agree to accept lower than their customary rate).

Also, show yourself some appreciation.  You made the effort to show up, be open to constructive recommendations and take advantage of this opportunity.

Upcoming Sport events

If you are looking for more individualized coaching, please check out the following surf schools that support San Diego Surf Ladies:



San Diego Surf Ladies is a California Non-Profit 501(c)4 corporation. We are apolitical and a religious.  

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